About Me

My name is Bonnie Marie

Bonnie Marie Dance AboutWith 22 years as a professional teacher and coach I have experienced it all and love to share that experience with others. Originally from Michigan, the only thing I ever wanted to do from a young age was dance.

I was fortunate enough to be able to travel all over America competing, performing and gaining many awards from my professional events and also as a Top Teacher. At 20 years old I was invited to teach, perform and compete as a professional as part of one of California’s most elite studios. I also have extensive experience with teaching children from the age of 6 and older and thrive on building a foundation that goes beyond just dance, with children also learning respect, etiquette and sportsmanship through their dance lessons.

From there I continued to compete and perform professionally at a high level and ultimately became ranked 7th place in the entire country in the professional American Rhythm division. Outside of dancing I enjoy time with my beautiful daughter Lainey.

My passion in teaching comes from seeing those small steps of progress light up the eyes of my students. Whether youโ€™re just trying to figure out your left from your right foot, or are a bit more of a seasoned dancer, I want to make it fun and easy for all. I have a clear process to my teaching which makes learning easy. I also like to keep things light hearted and fun.

My goal is for all my students to walk away from a lesson having learned something new but also having had a good time.

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